Dana Schmitt

Residential - Associate Broker

Dana has worked within the real estate industry since 1995 starting out as an administrative assistant for a real estate company in El Dorado, KS. In 1997, she and her family moved to Orlando, FL where she worked on-site with new home builders. After moving back to Kansas in 2002, she was recruited by a local home builder to work alongside of local lenders and Realtors® as a Credit Repair Specialist, assisting their clients with rebuilding their personal credit and educating them on how to maintain it in hopes of making their dreams of home-ownership a reality. In 2007, Dana obtained her Kansas Real Estate License.  She then attended the Buyer’s Specialization University in 2008 and shortly afterwards she received her Accredited Buyer’s Representative Designation (ABR). In...

I like to give a great big shout out to Dana Schmitt you are a amazing realtor and thank you so much for helping Kathy Isaacks and James Isaacks aka mom and dad find the perfect forever home.

- Darcy Smith
May 2019

1)When you think about your real estate experience, what stands our most in your mind..."Her concerns for us! 2) What could your agent and J.P. Weigand do to improve service and provide a more positive real estate experience?..."Have more agents like Dana Schmitt! 3) What is your overall impression of your agent and J.P. Weigand?..."Awesome! She always goes out of her way to help."

- Aaron Smalley
November 2017

If you are looking to buy a house and are needing a REALTOR please give Dana Schmitt a call!! She found Tracy, Wyatt and I the most PERFECT place! We still look forward to pulling into the driveway everyday. I fall more in love with the house the more time I spend here. Thank you so much Dana for all your hard work and dedication to getting us in the perfect home.

- Jenna Wiseman
June 2018

For anyone who has ever listed property with a real estate agent...have one of your friends call them and SEE if they return the call (since they never answer their phones). So irritating to call a number on a sign and get no response. I have to give a shout out to Dana Schmitt...she always returns communication.

- Wendy H.
February 2018

If it wasn't for Dana I really don't think I'd ever do this. The financial part was frustrating and worrisome at times and she was quick to reassure me and explain everything! She's amazing! She knows her stuff!! She was honest and never once said that what we wanted in our price range was unachievable. She is the best!! When we did home inspections she took my daughters hand and said let's go pick out your room and at that point it was all real and I loved that!!!!!

- Apryl Cornell
May 2018

Hi Dana! Don't know if you remember us, bought a house on Campus and we lived in Towanda during the process. You were a WONDERFUL lady to work with and I truly hope all is well with you and your family. Anyway, just wanted to say Hello and let you know you will never be forgotten. Thank you!! (Purchased 06/15/2010)

- Sheila E.
January 2016

Dana was amazing during our one year search for the perfect home! She was extremely knowledgable and guided us with care and honesty every step of the way. We had such an amazing experience with her that she is the first person I recommend when someone says they are looking to buy or sell a home. "Dana Rocks!". :)

- Ni'Chelle & Stefani B.
December 2015

Dana helped us every step of the way. Starting with advice a year before we were ready to buy. She communicated freely and answered our many questions. My nephew also used her and was very satisfied. We were both first time buyers and really appreciated everything she did. (Purchased Home 2014)

- James & Carrie C.
November 2015

We are happy with our home still after almost six years. It's just getting small now with the kiddos. I'm glad that you helped us find a place to call home. Thanks (Purchased Home 2010)

- Jacob & Annalisa S.
November 2015

Dana helped me sell one home and buy another and was great to work with. She always did what she said she would do, took me to look at numerous homes without getting frustrated, and made the entire process easy and fun. I would definitely recommend Dana and already referred my mom to her!

- Linda B.
March 2014

Easy and straight forward to work with. Made the process of buying simple and stress free.

- Josh & Jamie H.
April 2015

Agent Dana Schmitt was instrumental in our home buying experience. We had no idea what we were doing and she walked us through the process effortlessly, landing the home we wanted in very short amount of time. Her knowledge of the industry helped tremendously. (Purchased Home 2014)

- Matt & Margo C.
November 2015

Buying a home can be a very stressful process. Viewing many listings, hoping to find that "perfect" home for your family. Dana helped us do just that!!! We appreciated her patience with us as we changed our minds frequently in regards to what amenities we "must have", her kindness in changing her schedule to show us a listing and her professionalism in understanding the real estate business. She is a good partner to have when searching for a home! (Purchased Home 2011)

- Mike & Amy H.
November 2015

Hi, in 2012 When my husband and I were looking for a home, Dana work very hard to help us find a home just right for us. She went far and beyond the job to make sure everything was just right, and the way we wanted it to be. It was not easy since we are also blind so we could not see everything, she took the time and explained it to us. Thank you Dana. (Purchased Home 2012)

- Michael & Susan F.
November 2015

#1 Realtor We have had the privilege of working with Dana Schmitt as our realtor when looking to purchase our recent home. She knows the market well; she is diligent, responsive, caring, and extremely patient with her clients. It would be difficult to envision someone doing a better job than Dana or being anything but happy in choosing to work with such a professional. We highly recommend her to anyone seeking a realtor. We appreciate your work in making people aware of what our police officers sacrifice for us everyday. (Purchased Home 2008)

- Steve & Myrna S.
November 2015

When we were looking for a new home to buy, Dana was awesome in getting the homes we were interested in scheduled for showing, providing us with all the information we needed to know about the homes and giving us her undivided time and attention when she was with us. We were very blessed to have her professional level of expertise combined with a genuine interest in our family as we purchased our family home. Thank you Dana! (Purchased Home 2012)

- Tim & Kendra R.
November 2015

Dana has help me buy and sell my homes. She is there when you need her. Thanks Dana

- Lois T.
November 2015

Dana was wonderful. We were very indecisive and had a really hard time making a decision on which home we wanted to settle on. She was very patient with us and worked very long hours trying to find us the perfect home. We sometimes looked at 6-8 homes on the weekends and she never let her frustration show around us. (Purchased Home 2013)

- Sandy D.
November 2015

When house hunting, we met Dana. She was the selling agent of a house we wanted to look at, and as we didn't really have an agent, she ended up stuck with our very dysfunctional, everybody has a different opinion and we aren't afraid to voice that, sarcastic family. Now, keep in mind, there were my parents, myself, my husband, our two children, and my sister all deciding to cohabitate together. We are nothing if not entertaining, but can truly be a handful for others when we are all together. Dana handled herself with grace and class throughout her entire experience, I say her experience because my family can be a lot to take. However, that being said, she did everything she could not only for the seller, but also for us, and she absolutely did not have too. The previous owners of our house were getting divorced and could not get along. At one time, we met them both at the house and it was uncomfortable for all of us, to say the least. She cried on Dana's shoulder with her "woe is me tales" and Dana held her and let her cry, while the rest of us wanted to punch her in the throat for trashing the house. Dana and the listing agent both helped (and by helped, i mean did all the work for her) the previous owner clean the majority of the trash, yes I said trash, out of every room in this house. That was not in Dana's contract or job description, but she never even blinked. Dana did what she felt was right and let me just say I appreciated not only ALL her help with the buying of this house, but her enviable work ethic to get the job done. She was a joy to work with and if we ever decide to downsize, we will be sure to call no one but Dana. (Purchased Home 2012)

- Christi C.
November 2015

Dana Schmitt was very helpful in helping me find and purchase my first home. She was very flexible in working with my scrambled daily schedule and she was very up front and honest with everything. I was very happy that I was able to have Dana by my side for my first home purchase. (Purchased Home 2013)

- Taylor B.
November 2015

Dana took me to almost every house I wanted to look at, except for the ones she knew I would not like. The entire time, we both knew there was one house that I really wanted. Because this house went on and off the market, as it was being sold by an individual, it was difficult to purchase. Dana worked hard to get me the house I really wanted, working with the owner who did not want to make any concessions, to make this deal happen. I have now lived in my home for four years and couldn’t be happier. (Purchased Home 2011)

- Liz L.
November 2015

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